Star Wars & Dr. Seuss Mashup Illustrations by Jason Peltz

Star Wars x Dr. Seuss by Jason Peltz

Artist Jason Peltz, who is known for his animation work at Disney, has created an excellent ongoing series of mashup illustrations that combines the classic poetry and art style of Dr. Seuss with characters from the Star Wars universe. Jason has sold prints in the past at Steal This Art, so keep an eye out there for future releases from the series.

As stated by Jason Peltz:

I had been seeing a lot of artwork all over the Internet featuring crossovers or mash-ups of well-know properties. These two were very much a part of my childhood, even my adulthood – being an animator and illustrator, it seemed like a perfect marriage! The biggest challenge is referencing a well-known cover that will work with the rhyming and character art.

Star Wars x Dr. Seuss by Jason Peltz

Star Wars x Dr. Seuss by Jason Peltz

images via My Modern Metropolis

via My Modern Metropolis and Archie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of AWESOME!

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