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Simple Tricks To Help Improve Sleep

Psychologist Richard Wiseman of Quirkology suggests how to improve your sleep with such simple tricks as staying away from blue screens (computers, phones) one hour before bed, drinking a cup of coffee before you nap, sleeping on your right side and wearing socks to bed.

When you start to fall asleep, the blood flow to your feet increases, having warm feet speeds up the process to help you nod off. So the next time you’re struggling to fall asleep, try putting on a pair of socks.

So maybe it’s not so bad when they wear socks to bed after all.

Magician Pulls a Bottle Out of a Seemingly Empty Tube

Psychologist and magician Richard Wiseman removes a bottle from a seemingly empty paper tube in a clever trick entitled “The Tube of Mystery.” The explanation is at the end of the video—it’s worth watching the trick twice.

In 59 Seconds: How to Impress in Meetings with a Simple Persuasion Trick

In 59 Seconds is a new Youtube channel by Richard Wiseman that is based on ideas from his book, 59 Seconds. Each short video, which is one-minute long or less, features “science-based life-changing tips” that we can use in everyday life. In Richard’s most recent episode of In 59 Seconds, he shows us how to impress in meetings with a simple persuasion trick. All animation for this episode was created by Cognitive Media.

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10 Bets You Will Always Win, Episode 10

British psychology professor, author, and performer Richard Wiseman of Quirkology released episode 10 of his ongoing series, 10 Bets You Will Always Win. He shows how to pick up two glasses using just a balloon, how to write any color imaginable with a magic black marker, and more.

Tips on How to Stop Overeating

British psychology professor, author, and performer Richard Wiseman of Quirkology shares “10 Amazing Ways to Stop Overeating” like using smaller plates and reaching for snacks with your non-dominant hand.

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Super Simple Party Tricks to Impress Family and Friends

British psychology professor, author, and magician Richard Wiseman of Quirkology demonstrates ten super simple party tricks that you can use to impress family and friends. Richard shows how to make a fork magically stick your hand, make a cup levitate, bounce a bread roll on the floor, and more.

10 Super Simple Party Stunts

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The Haunted Doll, A Game of Choices That Invariably Leads You to the Same Conclusion

In the clever mind game “The Haunted Doll,” British magician Richard Wiseman asks you to choose among five bags through a series of steps. Regardless of your choices, you will always end up choosing the bag that conceals a haunted doll. The game is based on an idea by Jim Steinmeyer.