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Illusion of Choice, A Concept Dance Video by Dragon House’s Poppers

“Illusion of Choice” is a concept dubstep video featuring four poppers from Atlanta-based dance group, Dragon House. Marquese Scott (NONSTOP) is one of the dancers in the video and we’ve featured him several times in the past. Though not in this video, we have previously featured Dragon House’s Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer and his audition on So You Think You Can Dance.

Dragon House

iRobot Dancing Videos Features NONSTOP & Marie Poppins

These iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaning robot commercials feature the awesome robotic dance moves of Marquese Scott (aka NONSTOP), Marie Poppins and others. The videos are part of Roomba’s Dance Robolution campaign. We have featured NONSTOP dancing videos in the past: Slow Motion Robotic Dancing To Dubstep Version of Pumped Up Kicks and Amazing Dubstep Dancing by NONSTOP on the Great Wall of China.

via Om Malik