FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Laughing Squid Coaster
Custom Engraved Wooden Laughing Squid Coaster by WoodLab Designs – photo by Scott Beale


  1. What is Laughing Squid? #

    Check out our blog post on “What is Laughing Squid?” for a full breakdown.

    Please note the correct name is Laughing Squid.

    There is no preceding “The” or “.com” at the end. Also, it is two words, not one.

    Here’s an explanation of where the name “Laughing Squid” came from and a history of the Laughing Squid logo.


  3. Where can you find information on Laughing Squid’s web hosting services? #

    Everything related to our web hosting operations can be found at Laughing Squid Web Hosting. If you have any sales or support questions, please enter a support ticket through our Help Desk.


  5. How do you send a suggestion for the Laughing Squid blog? #

    Please use our Tips form for any blog suggestions.


  7. What is the Laughing Squid Store? #

    The Laughing Squid Store features an eclectic mix of awesome gear and gadgets, software, lifestyle products, web services, designer assets, eLearning services, freebies, and much more great stuff at a deep discount.

    Items in the store are available for purchase for limited time and we will be adding many new things all the time, so make sure to create a store account then subscribe to our store’s Twitter account and RSS feed to hear about the latest items available. When you sign up for our store, you’ll also be added to an email list with options for daily, weekly, and monthly store updates which you can configure through your account settings.

    Our store also has a really great referral program. If your friends sign up via the unique referral link we provide, you’ll earn a $10 credit after they make their first purchase.

    The Laughing Squid Store is powered by StackCommerce. They handle all support issues related to the store and manage the inventory and shipping of items.

    If you have any questions related to our Laughing Squid Store, please email store@laughingsquid.com.


  9. Is there a way to receive blog updates via email? #

    Subscribe to Laughing Squid by email and receive a daily email with all our blog posts from each day.

    The service we use for our email list is MailChimp. They rock!

    If you would like to receive a separate email for every single post we publish, sign up via Feedrabbit.


  11. What is the RSS feed for the Laughing Squid blog? #

    Here’s the RSS feed for Laughing Squid


  13. How do you follow Laughing Squid on Twitter? #

    @LaughingSquid (the Laughing Squid blog)

    @LS_Hosting (Laughing Squid Web Hosting)

    @StoreSquid (Laughing Squid Store)


  15. How do you follow Laughing Squid on Facebook? #

    Here’s the Laughing Squid page on Facebook, you can “like” it to receive updates via Facebook.


  17. How do you follow Laughing Squid on Tumblr? #

    Here’s the Laughing Squid page on Tumblr, you can “follow” it to receive updates via Tumblr.


  19. How do you follow Laughing Squid on Google+? #

    Here’s the Laughing Squid page on Google+, you can “+1″ it to receive updates via Google+.


  21. How do you follow Laughing Squid on LinkedIn? #

    Here’s the Laughing Squid page on LinkedIn, you can “follow” it to receive updates via LinkedIn.


  23. How do you contact Laughing Squid? #

    Our contact info is listed on, well you guessed it, our contact page.


  25. Where can you buy a Laughing Squid t-shirt? #

    You can purchase our t-shirts through Noonaco.


  27. Where can you buy a Laughing Squid coffee mug? #

    You can purchase our coffee mugs through Noonaco.


  29. How can you get the Laughing Squid vinyl stickers? #

    Please see our Laughing Squid sticker page for more info.


  31. Where can you buy the Laughing Squid poster set? #

    You can purchase our Laughing Squid poster set featuring posters from previous events through Noonaco.


  33. Where can you find press and media related to Laughing Squid? #

    Here’s a list of press and media that Laughing Squid has had over the years.


  35. Do you maintain a list of products & services used by Laughing Squid? #

    Yes, here’s a list of Laughing Squid Vendors.


  37. Where can you find The Tentacle Sessions archives? #

    Check out the The Tentacle Sessions website for the archives of Laughing Squid’s artist series in San Francisco which ran from February 21, 1999 through December 15, 2002.


  39. Has there ever been any original art inspired by Laughing Squid? #

    Yes, check out our Laughing Squid art gallery archive.


  41. Where can you see the Laughing Squid Postcard art series? #

    Here’s the gallery of the Laughing Squid Postcards created by some of our favorite artists.


  43. Does the Laughing Squid blog use any affiliate links? #

    Yes, we affiliate links for Amazon Associates, Skimlinks and Archie McPhee.