Fallen Star, A House on the Roof of a 7 Story Building at UC San Diego

Fallen Star by Do Ho Suh

Fallen Star by Do Ho Suh

Fallen Star by Do Ho Suh

Fallen Star by Do Ho Suh

“Fallen Star” is a small house that is perched seven stories up on the roof of Jacobs Hall at UC San Diego. The installation, which is fully furnished and surrounded by a roof garden, is by South Korean artist Do Ho Suh.

It reflects Suh’s on-going exploration of themes around the idea of home, cultural displacement, the perception of our surroundings, and how one constructs a memory of a space. His own feelings of displacement when he arrived in the U.S. from Seoul, Korea in 1991 to study led him to measure spaces in order to establish relationships with his new surroundings.

We have previously written about some of Do Ho Suh’s other wonderful sculptural installations.

via The Fox is Black & Geekosystem

photos via The Fox is Black

Written by EDW Lynch

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