Google X Is Developing a Disease Detection Device Similar to the ‘Star Trek’ Tricorder


Google X Life Sciences, led by Andrew Conrad, is working on a disease-detection device similar to the Star Trek tricorder. The device would work by deploying specially designed nanoparticles into the body that interact with different markers for disease. These nanoparticles would signal a device that Conrad says would be worn on the wrist to catch diseases at the early stages, when they are most easily and successfully treated.

Conrad described the status of the project in great detail in an interview with Steven Levy of Backchannel, and predicts that the device will be a reality within five to ten years.

image via Backchannel

via The Wall Street Journal

Jerome Jarre Gets Interrogated by the FBI After Changing Into a Speedo and Pool Toy on an American Airlines Flight

YouTube star Jerome Jarre (previously) staged a silly prank in which he changed into a Speedo and inflatable turtle pool toy on a flight from Mexico to Miami. In a video that also shows the prank itself, Jarre says he was escorted from the plane by police and interrogated by the FBI who told him, “This is the silliest thing I’ve had to work on in my entire career.”

Although Jarre says he was threatened with arrest and revocation of his U.S. visa, it appears he has not faced any serious legal action since the incident.

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Space Sushi, A Bizarre New Meme That Superimposes Photos of Sushi Over Photos of Space


Space Sushi is a Twitter account and Tumblr that superimposes photographs of sushi and sushi-related items over images of space by the National Sushi and Space Administration.





images via Space Sushi

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Vsauce3 Explores the Cultural History of Ghosts and Suggests We All May Be Ghosts Already

Vsauce3 host Jake Roper explores the cultural history of ghosts and suggests we all may be ghosts already in a recent episode. The video looks at ghosts in literature and how belief in ghosts impacted society with things like séances.

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‘Can You Survive?’, A Halloween Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Video With Felicia Day, Tay Zonday, and Other YouTube Stars

Can You Survive?” is a Halloween choose-your-own-adventure video by YouTube Nation that features Felicia Day, Tay Zonday, and other YouTube stars. Viewers watch video clips and are then provided with links where they must choose the next part of the story with the goal of surviving and making it to the end of the tale.

Adults Act Out the Audio of Two Kids Trick-or-Treating

In the latest episode of the Bored Shorts TV series Kid Snippets (previously), adults act out the audio of two kids trick-or-treating and entering a spooky house.

‘Millennial Horror Story’, A Creepy Comedy Sketch That Demonstrates the Nightmare of No Cellular Service

Millennial Horror Story” is a creepy comedy sketch by comedian Paul Gale (previously) that demonstrates the nightmare of no cell service for a group of friends in a spooky mansion. The video stars Gale along with Sunita Mani, Lauren Ireland, Elyse Brandau, James Dwyer, and Alfred Rosenblatt. It was shot at the newly-opened YouTube Space New York, and Gale also created a behind-the-scenes video that can be viewed by signing up for his website.

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