Stunning Time-Lapse Footage Shows Undulatus Asperatus Clouds Rolling Like Waves Over Lincoln, Nebraska

A stunning time-lapse video captured by Alex Schueth shows an undulatus asperatus cloud formation rolling like waves over Lincoln, Nebraska. Undulatus asperatus is not yet officially recognized as a distinct classification by the World Meteorological Organization, but a petition has been filed by the Cloud Appreciation Society for its inclusion in the International Cloud Atlas.

A portion of the video was converted to an animated GIF and posted to reddit.


image via reddit

via reddit, PetaPixel

‘The Missing Scarf’, An Award-Winning Animated Short Film Narrated by George Takei

The Missing Scarf” is an award-winning animated short film by director Eoin Duffy that is narrated by George Takei. The film is a dark comedy that deals with some of life’s common fears modeled after a children’s storybook.

Albert the Squirrel makes a startling discovery … an empty space where once his favourite scarf lay. He heads off into the forest only to find everyone else is preoccupied with worries of their own. He helps who he can before moving on but never seems to get any closer to his goal. Ultimately, Albert’s problem is put in perspective by the friends he helped and the problems they faced and overcame together.

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Cookie Monster Learns Self-Control in a ‘Sesame Street’ Parody of ‘The Twilight Saga’

Cookie Monster learns self-control in the Sesame Street parody of The Twilight Saga, “Twilight: Breaking Cookie.” It is the latest in a series of videos by Sesame Street that focus on Cookie Monster learning self-control. The show has created other videos focusing on this theme including a music video for the song “Me Want It (But Me Wait)“and Star Wars parody titled “Star S’mores.”

Shortbredward is a yumpire with a cookie thirst and Belly is the girl who loved Shortbredward. The problem is that Shortbredward couldn’t control himself enough to share his cookies with Belly. Will Shortbredward ever learn to control himself or will Bacob the Wolf convince Belly to be with someone who has better executive functioning skills? Find out in Twilight: Breaking Cookie!