Steve Carell Plays a Shirtless Fabio in a 1994 Sketch From The Second City

“I am Fabio, and I would like to make you my very special lady tonight.”

In a clip recently uploaded by The Second City, Steve Carell plays a shirtless Fabio Lanzoni in a 1994 sketch from the show “Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been Mellow?” Stephen Colbert voiced the character of Fabio off stage while Carell tried to lip sync along before giving up and simply opening and closing his mouth like a puppet.

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An Intriguing View Inside an Electric Arc Furnace With the Power Turned On

A video by Sentinel76 gives an intriguing view inside an electric arc furnace with the power turned on. The furnace works by running a powerful electrical current through an electrode to heat its contents into liquid steel.

What you’re seeing here is the arc between the tip of an electrode and liquid steel, which is hidden under nearly a foot of slag (the bubbling liquid you see here). This video was recorded entirely by chance, I was videoing other things when I realised that I had a clear view of ‘A’-phase. I had to use two crossed polarised filters in order to block out enough light to see things clearly – and yet the arc itself is still blue-white and indistinguishable!

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NerdCon: Stories, An Event Celebrating the Human Tradition of Storytelling Announced by Hank Green

Nerdcon- Stories

NerdCon: Stories is a recently announced event to celebrate the human tradition of storytelling. Vlogger Hank Green (previously) announced the event in a recent episode of the Vlogbrothers series cohosted by Green’s brother, author John Green. It will be hosted at the Minneapolis Convention Center on October 9 and 10, 2015.

Those interested in attending can register for the event on the NerdCon: Stories site on Picatic.

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A Scientific Explanation for Earworms, Those Catchy Songs That Get Stuck in Someone’s Head Repeatedly

A recent TED-Ed lesson by Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis explains earworms, those catchy songs that get stuck in someone’s head repeatedly. Although repeated exposure to a catchy song through radio, television, or streaming music might make an earworm worse, there are references to the phenomenon in literature that predates recorded music.

Hellmuth Margulis did a similar TED-Ed lesson in 2014 that explains why humans love repetition in music.

‘If I Was In It’, A Talk Show Where Two Self-Taught Film Students Explain How They Would Change Popular Movies

If I Was In It is an IFC web series starring Paul Laudiero (previously) and Will Stephen as “Mike” and “Frank,” two self-taught film students who meet at a diner to discuss popular movies and how they would change them if they were in the films. The pair give thoughtful insight into the cinematic process like suggesting an anti-drug message in The Wizard of Oz, and explaining why they would have just killed the shark right away in Jaws.

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Ricky Gervais Stars in a Series of Minimalist Ads for Netflix in Australia

Ricky Gervais recently starred in a series of ads for Australian telecommunications company Optus announcing they are now offering Netflix to their customers. The commercials feature a minimalist approach to advertising, as Gervais is simply sitting on a couch, holding a mug, and speaking to the camera.

Optus approached me and asked me to do an advert telling Australia that they’re getting Netflix. I said I’d need like a shed-load of cash. Like seriously mental money. They went, “Okay.”

Scientists Discover the Reason That Indian Food Tastes So Good and How It Differs From Western Cuisine

Indian Spices

A new study by Anupam Jaina, Rakhi N Kb, and Ganesh Baglerb published on Cornell University‘s explains why Indian food is so delicious, and how it differs from Western cuisine. The study looked at over 2,000 recipes from the site Tarla Dalal to examine what ingredients were used together. What they found was that Indian recipes rarely utilize ingredients with overlapping flavor compounds while Western cuisine was much more likely to use similarly flavored ingredients together.

photo by Sara Marlow

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