SciShow Explains Why Mary Anning Was Possibly ‘The Greatest Fossilist in the World’

SciShow (see previously) host Hank Green explains why Mary Anning was possibly “The Greatest Fossilist in the World” in a recent episode. Anning lived from 1799 to 1847 and was one of the earliest to treat fossils as objects of scientific study rather than just collector’s items. Anning discovered the first plesiosaur fossil and was the first to discover that what collectors called “bezoar stones” were actually pieces of fossilized feces, now known as coprolites.

Krispy Kreme UK Creates the Double Hundred Dozen, A Tremendous Box of 2,400 Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Double Hundred Dozen

Krispy Kreme UK has created the Double Hundred Dozen, a tremendous box of 2,400 doughnuts to promote their new catering service Krispy Kreme Occasions. Krispy Kreme UK held a contest on their Twitter account to select a winning business to receive the giant box of doughnuts, and the prize went to 360 Resourcing Solutions who tweeted a celebratory image.

Krispy Kreme Double Hundred Dozen

Krispy Kreme Double Hundred Dozen

photos via Krispy Kreme UK

via Retail Times, Geyser of Awesome

Krispy Kreme Commemorates the 30th Anniversary of ‘Ghostbusters’ With Two Special Doughnuts


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic film Ghostbusters with two special donuts. One features a candy Ghostbusters logo over a green splat inspired by the character Slimer, and the other is made to look like the The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man including a candy sailor hat. Both donuts are filled with marshmallow.

The special doughnuts will be available at Krispy Kreme locations in the United States and Canada between September 29th and October 31st, 2014 while supplies last.


photos via Krispy Kreme, lexxiecakes

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Man Immediately Drops the First iPhone 6 Sold in Perth, Australia During Television Interview

A young man named Jack was the first person in Perth, Australia to buy the new Apple iPhone 6 (see previously) which went on sale September 19th, 2014. During an interview with 9 News Perth, Jack dropped the phone on the ground immediately after opening the box. In the video, Jack says, “We’re good,” over a roaring crowd as he picks up the phone, but 9 News Perth says the fall scratched the phone’s screen.

It’s always best to stay calm when you’re handling something fragile – as the first Perth man to buy an iPhone 6 found out this morning.

via 9 News Perth