Zombies Invade Dorney Park, Setting Theme Park Ride World Record





photos by Eric Harvey Brown

Last night, 100s of zombies invaded and rambled around Dorney Park, an amusement park in Allentown, PA. Participants either came dressed as zombies, or got “bloodied up” by one of the many make up artists there. Lines were incredibly short, as the Living were not allowed entry.

Organizers New Jersey Zombie Walk, Philly Zombie Crawl, and NYC Zombie Crawl earned a Guinness Book of World Records for “most costumed riders on a theme park ride.”

The band Nassau Chainsaw also performed.

Photo Gallery: Zombie Invasion @ Dorney Park

UPDATE: The Morning Call has more photos of the Zombie Invasion taken by Michael Kubel.

Photos: J’Ouvert 2010 – A Pre West Indian Day Parade In Brooklyn




J’Ouvert (which roughly translated in French means “day break”) is the sexier and dirtier step-child of the West Indian Day Parade (the largest parade in America). It begins roughly at 3am and goes on until past daybreak. Multi-colored paint, steel drum bands, and dancing are the components of this sauntering parade. To learn more about it, go!

Photo Gallery: J’ouvert

photos by Eric Harvey Brown

Photos: The 2010 US Air Guitar Championships




photos by Eric Harvey Brown

Airistotle, Windhammer, Aireola, Shreddy Mercury and Romeo DanceCheetah (among others) competed in the 2010 US Air Guitar Championships last Thursday in New York City.

Romeo DanceCheetah (in red, above) won the championship and will be representing the US in the 15th annual Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland, on August 27th.

Photo Gallery: 2010 US Air Guitar Championships