Amazingly Detailed Japanese Flip Books

UK travel site Travelry captured some video of the stunningly detailed flip books produced by Japanese publisher Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo at the Hyper Japan shop in London. The books can be purchased through a third party on Amazon.

via Travelry, Colossal

‘Luna’, A Bizarre Music Video by HEO Featuring a Couple With Morphing Body Parts

“Luna” is a strange new music video by electronic artist HEO that is directed by artist Goatee Hyunchull Umm, featuring a couple with always morphing, stretching and ripping body parts.

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Magnifying Spoon, A Spoon With a Built-In Magnifying Glass for Detecting Unwanted Materials in Foodstuffs

The Magnifying Spoon is a limited edition utensil from Object Solutions that replaces the bowl of a spoon with a magnifying glass so users can better detect unwanted materials in their meal and eat around them accordingly.

On approval of a certain area, use the very same implement to scoop up a healthy mouthful.

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‘A Kiss From Tokyo’, A Stylized Animated Short That Plays Out Like a Trailer for a 1960s Spy Film

“A Kiss From Tokyo” is an animated short directed by artists Kevin Dart and Stéphane Coëdel taken from the Seductive Espionage book and DVD set (previously) that plays like a super-stylized trailer for a 1960s spy film. The book and the short follow the adventures of animated Japanese spy Yuki 7.

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A Glowing Bluetooth Speaker Shaped Like the Death Star from ‘Star Wars’

Death Star

Think Geek is offering a Bluetooth speaker for smartphones designed to look like the planet-destroying Death Star from the Star Wars franchise that glows blue and plays sound from its “superlaser” focus lens.

Death Star

images via Think Geek

Stunning Drone Video of the Dom Tower of Utrecht, The Tallest Church Tower in the Netherlands

Dutch filmmaking duo Jelte Keur and Reinout van Schie took their DJI Phantom 2 drone for a spin on a foggy day to capture some truly stunning video of the Dom Tower in Utrecht–the tallest church tower in the Netherlands–as it burst through the haze.

I was waiting for these weather conditions for 10 months, and finally it came.

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Comic Book Pioneer Stan Lee Discusses the New Hardcover History Book ’75 Years of Marvel’

World of Heroes host Jenna Busch sits down with comic book pioneer Stan Lee to discuss the new hardcover history book 75 Years of Marvel, which explores the history of the hugely popular comics publisher from its birth as Timely Comics to its current incarnation as a box office powerhouse. The book is available for purchase now at Amazon.

75 Years of Marvel

75 Years of Marvel

75 Years of Marvel

75 Years of Marvel

75 Years of Marvel

images via Taschen