pplkpr, An App Designed to Track Physical and Emotional Reactions to Other People

is an iOS app designed to help users track their physical and emotional reactions to meeting other people in the the real world, so they can plan their social calendars around people they actually like. The app works with third-party heart rate monitoring devices and lets users enter information manually, keeping track of how others make them feel over time. Its creators say pplkpr is part functional app, part art/research project.

It is a fully functioning app based on scientific research. We are two artists that created it as a provocation, a taste of where we may be heading with our quantified living and algorithmic decision making. It relates to some previous projects we’ve made like us+, Social Turkers, and Conversnitch. We hope that seeing and trying the app will enable people to think critically about this future and speak out about what we do and don’t want to manifest.

pplkpr pplkpr

pplkpr pplkpr

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How to Create an Affordable Laser-Guided Blowgun From Simple Objects

Grant “The King of Random” Thompson has created a simple guide demonstrating how to create a dart-shooting, laser-guided blowgun from basic objects like PVC pipe and a dollar store laser pointer, while the darts themselves can be created with Post-It notes, tape, and a cardboard party hat.

‘Breath’, A Breathtaking Short Film Highlighting the Different Ways Human Beings Breathe

“Breath” is a short film by Mill Valley, California production duo The Mercadantes (formerly Everynone) that celebrates the many different ways human beings breathe, from asthma inhalers to space walks.

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Super-Slow-Motion Video of the High-Speed Inner Workings of a DSLR Camera as It Takes a Picture

Gavin Free of the Slow Mo Guys utilizes a high-speed Phantom Flex camera to capture the inner workings of a Canon 7D DSLR camera at 10,000 frames per second to show off just how quickly its shutter moves to take a shot.

For a very fast moving subject, you want a much shorter shutter duration. The fastest this camera will do it is an eight-thousandth of a second.

A Man in a Karate Gi Alternates Between Playing an Electric Guitar and Chopping Through Flaming Boards

In a video posted by Russian comedy site Klukva, a man in a karate gi alternates between strumming a Stratocaster-style electric guitar and chopping through flaming boards.

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Glow, In-Ear Headphones With a Cable That Lights Up to Music and Heartbeats

Glow are in-ear headphones by San Francisco-based hardware developer Glow, LLC that feature a fiber-optic, laser-wire cable that lights up along to a music beat and the wearer’s heartbeat, thanks to an integrated heart-rate monitor. The headphones, which are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, also feature built-in buttons to control apps like Spotify.






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A Hilarious Short Video Featuring a Tennis Match Between Pro Player Novak Djokovic and an M1 Abrams Tank

In a hilarious short video by Melbourne, Australia-based special effects artist Michael Shanks, Serbian tennis pro Novak Djokovic plays a match against an M1 Abrams tank at the 2015 Australian Open. It’s a silly and strange battle between athleticism and good old-fashioned firepower, while two even-keeled announcers give a somewhat disapproving play-by-play.

“Some said inviting a sentient tank to play tennis would ruin the sport.”
“I agree with them.”
“Me too.”

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Time-Lapse Video of Winter Storm Juno Dumping Two Feet of Snow on Somerville, Massachusetts

Boston University student Alyssa Pierson used a strategically placed GoPro HERO4 to capture time-lapse video of Winter Storm Juno dumping between 23 and 24 inches of snow on a suburban neighborhood in Somerville, Massachusetts on the night of January 26, 2015.

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The Drop, An Electronic Dance Music Discovery Service Created by Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan

The Drop

The Drop is a new reddit-style, community-curated link board created by Twitch and Justin.tv co-founder Justin Kan to help electronic dance music fans discover new tracks. The open-source site lets users submit SoundCloud tracks, which the community can then vote on, creating a front-page playlist based on the most upvoted tracks. Songs can also be further divided into subgenres like dubstep.

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Overhead Drone Video of a Farmer Herding Cattle Into Simple ‘Cow Art’ With a Truck

Farmer Derek Klingenberg of Klingenberg Farms Studios, who recently gained a YouTube following by calling cows with trombone covers of “Jingle Bells” and Lorde songs, has begun using his truck and what is most likely feed of some kind to herd cattle into “#CowArt.” In the video, captured by a stationary drone flying overhead, Klingenberg quickly discovers that even simple shapes are tough when dealing with living animals.

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