An Animated BBC Promo Featuring Three Pigeons Wreaking Havoc on a Newly Washed Car

In a 2011 animated promo for BBC health program Headroom, a trio of pigeons unleash their wrath on a newly washed car.

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The Filmmakers of the 1980 Spoof ‘Airplane!’ Discuss the Genesis of the Movie’s ‘Jive’ Language

The filmmakers behind the 1980 disaster film spoof Airplane! discuss the genesis of the memorable “jive” language spoken between two passengers and later translated to a flight attendant by Leave it to Beaver actor Barbara Billingsley.

We got to the point where, in order for it to be consistent, we need to have a key or a code so we could actually be able to have a sense of rhythm.

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‘Hardcore DEVO’, A Concert Film Highlighting a 10-Show Tour by the New Wave Pioneers

Hardcore DEVO is a new concert film directed by Los Angeles filmmaker Keirda Bahruth that highlights new wave pioneers DEVO, focused on a ten-show tour in the summer of 2014 in which the band performed its earliest songs. The documentary will premiere at the Roxie movie theater in San Francisco on February 20, 2015.

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An Unaired 1974 Pilot for an Animated ‘Mad Magazine’ Television Series

The 1974 pilot for a proposed animated series based on Mad Magazine has surfaced online. The show, which featured animation based on the work of iconic Mad artists like Don Martin, Mort Drucker, Al Jaffee, and Dave Berg never actually made it to television due to the perceived crude nature of its subject matter.

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‘Self-Assembly’, A Short Comedy-Horror Film About Parents Who Adopt a Monster Baby

“Self-Assembly” is a mildly disturbing short comedy-horror film in the vein of Eraserhead directed by Dublin-based filmmaker Ray Sullivan that centers on a couple who adopts a monster baby while mourning the loss of their own son.

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A Snailfish Spotted in the Mariana Trench Becomes the Deepest Living Fish Ever Discovered

A newly identified variety of snailfish spotted by a camera at a depth of 26,716 feet down in the Mariana Trench by University of Hawaii researchers has been recognized as the deepest living fish ever discovered. The fish has translucent fins and is propelled by a long, eel-like tail.

Snailfish are known to thrive at extreme depths: another variety, Pseudoliparis amblystomopsis, previously held the undisputed record for deepest-living fish at [25,272 feet].

MinutePhysics Explains How Airbus Designs and Builds a Commercial Airplane

MinutePhysics (previously) takes a behind-the-scenes trip to the offices of Airbus to explore how the company designs and creates a commercial airplane, including some of its more unorthodox procedures.

They even shoot several dead ducks into the engine at high speed to make sure it can continue to provide thrust if it encounters a flock of birds.

SoundWorks Collection Speaks With the Sound Team Behind the 2014 ‘Godzilla’ Reboot

In its latest video, SoundWorks Collection (previously) speaks with Sound Editor Erik Aadahl and Sound Designer Ethan Van der Ryn about the sounds of the recent Warner Brothers Godzilla reboot.

Obviously for sound people, with “Godzilla” there’s so much history and it’s so iconic, sonically.

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Time-Lapse Video of Building Projections and Illuminated Sculptures at the Amsterdam Light Festival

London-based photographer Jack Fisher traveled to the Netherlands to shoot time-lapse video of the Amsterdam Light Festival, an event that lasts several months and fills the Western European city full of illuminated sculptures, building projections, and other ongoing light shows.

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VHX Video Distribution Platform Introduces a Mobile App for Streaming and Sharing Videos


VHX (previously) has launched an iOS app companion to its premium video sharing platform that makes it possible to watch videos on the go, stream them to other Apple devices via AirPlay, and share them through social media sites like Twitter. The app offers up access to the new VHX Library, which culls together all of the videos purchased through the service.



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