A Pimped Out Stormtrooper Birthday Cheesecake


For her husband’s birthday, kristylynn84 created a Stormtrooper Cheesecake using fondant to craft what she calls a “pimptrooper”. Detailed instructions on how she created the muli-colored Star Wars-themed cheesecake is available on Instructables.

For the feather, I put some yellow fondant onto a toothpick and I scored some lines into it to make it look kinda like a feather.

All pimps wear big necklaces, so I made a medallion for him with the Imperial mark. And I added an inedible chain for looks, when I put the cake together.

The hat, I basically pulled and pulled a ball out to lay over his head, made a band to make it look more like a hat, and then finger-dabbed the edges with piping gel, sprinkled with the “glitter” to give it some pimpness.


Stormtrooper Cheesecake

Stormtrooper Cheesecake

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