A Fascinating Art Project That Uses the Video Game ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ to Explore the Boundaries of Reality

Montreal-based artist Benoit Paillé has created the art project “Crossroad of Realities” where he took photos of gorgeous landscapes within the video game Grand Theft Auto V and then overlaid these images with photographs of real people holding real cameras and other devices so that it appears as if they are taking the landscape photos themselves. The purpose of this was to blend the virtual reality with material reality in such a way as to question the boundaries of each.

Paillé also created a hectic time-lapse video of his travels through the game as part of this project.

Crossroad of Realities

Crossroad of Realities

Crossroad of Realities

images via Benoit Paillé

via Gizmodo Sploid

Written by Rollin Bishop

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