Zodiac the Rescued Domestic Mink Gets His First Introduction to the Bathtub With His Favorite Toys

Zodiac, the domestic mink who was rescued from a fur farm whose very first swim we wrote about in September, was recently introduced to the bathtub in the company of his favorite toys and some kibble to encourage him. According to his human at Camels and Friends, Zodiac was a little apprehensive about the experience.

Zodiac was introduced to the bath tub yesterday. He seems very hesitant of all the open space. I placed different confined ‘dens’, that you can see he uses to transfer in-between, while he checks out his new environment. Minks are very cautious animals, but in the end, he settles down enough to munch on some dog food kibbles in his new aquatic play land. I took him out shortly after this, so we can end on a positive note. I’ll bring him back into the tub shortly and hopefully he’ll be swimming laps shortly!

Zodiac’s first swim from this past September.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips