Words That Rhyme With Yam and ‘Baked Yams With Dill’ on Episode 19 of ‘You Suck at Cooking’

In the episode 19 of “You Suck at Cooking“, the very witty host found a plethora of rhymes for the word “yam”, before turning to the dark side of puns with his flaming penta-yam design. He accomplished all this while preparing a quick and easy recipe for “Baked Yams with Dill“, although he wasn’t entirely sure if he was working with a sweet potato or a yam.

After heavy research, I am still confused as to what a yam is, and what a sweet potato is, but I’m pretty sure supermarkets call sweet potatoes yams, and I’m pretty sure I spelled potato wrong in the video at 4:13 a.m. …Take a pan, the thing to do here is slam jam and we’ll cram several grams of yams but less than a
kilogram into the pan. We’ll send a telegram of a sonogram exam by Tran Van to send your fam regardless of your plans to let them know you’re really big.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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