Wine Yoke, A Hands-Free Wine Glass Holder That’s Worn Around the Neck

Wine Yoke Man Wine Yoke Black Wine Yoke

The Wine Yoke, which bills itself as the “ultimate hands-free wine experience,” is an interesting way for a person to hang on to their wine glass while leaving their hands free to do other things. The method by which the Wine Yoke accomplishes this feat is the use of a lanyard that hangs around the person’s neck with a flexible rubber piece that prevents the glass from moving from side to side and fits any stemmed wine glass. The Wine Yoke is also available for purchase on Amazon.

he WineYoke™ is light weight, and stores conveniently in a purse or pocket. Bring it with you when you travel to visit wineries or even bring it with you to your friends’ home parties. Your WineYoke™ will be the talk of the party, and everyone will want to buy one. …Made with a flexible rubber material, the WineYoke™ is strong, classy, and durable.

The staff at Reader’s Digest had a bit of fun with their Wine Yoke.

Wine Yoke

via Jeremiah Owyang