Wildcard, A Card-Based Mobile Web Browser for Quickly Accessing Content

Wildcard Wildcard App

Wildcard is a card-based mobile web browser for quickly accessing content. The app functions by presenting content–like news articles or shopping–in handy mobile-sized chunks referred to as “cards.” These cards have all important information presented in a way specifically designed for mobile consumption. In short, the definition of what a “card” is boils down to presentation. Khoi Vinh, Vice President of User Experience at Wildcard, has more on the app over on his blog.

Most of the talk about cards in the past few years has been premised on the idea that it’s an emerging phenomenon, perhaps soon to become an emerging standard, that it’s coming soon, one day in the future. Our goal at Wildcard has always been to build the premier browser for this new frontier, but in order to demonstrate its potential in a way that makes sense to people today, we knew we had to also kick the card web into high gear. That’s why a huge part of our effort over the past year has been invested in building the largest library of cards anywhere.

Wildcard is currently available on iOS.

Wildcard App Wildcard App

images via Wildcard