What the Names of Countries Around the World Taste Like According a Person With Synesthesia

Europe synaesthesia

Travel blogger Rick Shaw asked Scottish author Julie McDowall to interpret a world map through the lens of her synesthesia , the ability to uses one sense to describe another. MacDowall quite descriptively assigned a specific taste to the name of each country around the world and to the continents in general.

Synaesthesia is a condition which affects the senses and automatically joins two senses together, making people associate words and objects with tastes, colours, smells, etc. In this case, words are associated with a taste. …Results ranged from Moldova tasting like ‘soft toffee which is slightly stale’, to Australia tasting like ‘a cold and slightly squashed sausage roll’, while Colombia tastes like the ‘legs of a wooden puppet’.

Asia synaesthesia

North America synaesthesia

Oceania synaesthesia

South-America synaesthesia

Africa synaesthesia

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