Using Light Painting to Visualize WiFi Networks

16 December, 20.44

20 December, 16.46

Three Oslo-based researcher/designers have found a way to visualize WiFi networks using light painting techniques in long exposure photographs. The key is an ingenious measuring rod that flashes lights corresponding to the constantly varying signal strength. Timo Arnall, Jørn Knutsen, and Einar Sneve Martinussen documented the project, “Immaterials: Light Painting WiFi,” in photographs and video.

In order to study the spatial and material qualities of wireless networks, we built a WiFi measuring rod that visualises WiFi signal strength as a bar of lights. When moved through space the rod displays changes in the WiFi signal. Long-exposure photographs of the moving rod reveal cross sections of a network’s signal strength.

Photos by Timo Arnall

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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