Urban Iditarod 2010 in San Francisco

Urban Iditarod

photo by RICK!

The Urban Iditarod, which takes place on Saturday, March 6th in San Francisco, is now reopened to the public after a few years of tinkering to make less likely to attract the ire of the SFPD and still fun.

The start location of this years event Giants Stadium at the Willy Mays statue.
We mush rain or shine at 1pm, sharp!
Teams can be any size from 1 to 100.
Participants must be in costume and have some sort of cart.
$20 per team.

The team that gets to the finish line first, loses.


Rick Abruzzo has been involved in numerous fringe and culture jamming art events in his hometown of San Francisco, notably Urban Golf, Urban Iditarod, 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade and the Cacophony Society.