Undercap, Underpants for Your Head

The Undercap is a cap designed to look like “underpants for your head” from pop culture store, Archie McPhee. An Undercap would perfectly complement another of Archie McPhee’s products, their Handerpants, underpants for your hands.

Feeling a little chilly under that stocking cap? Tired of scalp irritation from wearing that fedora? You need an Undercap™! Each 95% cotton, 5% spandex cap is just like underwear for your head. Wear it underneath your hat for extra warmth and protection! Wear it by itself for a wacky new fashion statement! Hundreds of uses!

Faux television pitchman Chester McGuinness (played by Archie McPhee’s Director of Awesome David Wahl) is back in a funny new video. Watch as he shills the “marvel of the modern age”, the Undercap.