Unbreakable Silicone Cocktail ‘Glassware’ That Looks Like the Real Thing


Snow Peak, the outdoor lifestyle creator, knows that every traveller must have the proper glassware when seeking to imbibe while in the great outdoors. With this in mind, they created a sturdy line of silicone glasswarehighball for mixed drinks, rocks for straight spirits and a stemless wineglass for the perfect vintage – that is completely flexible and unbreakable but looks like the real thing.

Unbreakable, flexible and easy to clean, these glasses are the perfect companion for outdoor adventures. This stemless wine glass is shaped with a larger bowl to accumulate more aromas. …This traditional “highball” is best used for mixed drinks and cocktails. …This “rocks” glass is shaped for whiskey or other liquor served on-the-rocks.





Wine Glass

images via Snow Peak

via Gear Hungry, The Awesomer