Twittering Twits on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

guest post by mikl-em

Last night on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” on MSNBC, there was a pretty interesting confab between host Keith Olbermann (who is probably not @keitholbermann, based on some comments he made) and Craig Crawford (@craig_crawford) a columnist for (@cqpolitics).

@cqpolitics actually live-twittered their conversation, but they did so without using @’s for Craig or other twitterers that were mentioned, such as @clairecmc (Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri)–FAIL!

Claire does turn out to give good tweet. Here’s a really fine example of honest and thus compelling twitterature…

Twitter_Claire McCaskill

Further big points, from reading her other tweets, for her abbrevs & tpyos! All parents that don’t want to embarrass their children (of all ages) on Twitter (or Facebook) should follow her and take notes!

You can find out if your own US Rep and Senators have an official Twitter orifice by checking out Tweet Congress which not only lists all the congresspersons that have @’s, but also has running petitions directed at those who don’t to nag them into getting on to where it’s @.