The Untold Truths About The Lego Movie

In honor of The Lego Batman Movie hitting theaters later this week, Looper took a look at some of the untold truths about The Lego Movie. They reveal that the animated comedy film almost starred R2-D2, that they featured Will Arnett‘s Lego Batman for the cool factor, and that producer Dan Lin had a tough time selling the movie idea to the Lego company.

With Will Arnett’s toy-based Dark Knight taking center stage in The Lego Batman Movie this year, it’s the perfect time to look back at Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s kid-friendly masterpiece The Lego Movie.

The film starred a boatload of random characters from pretty much every major property, but it almost featured a few more—oh, and it almost didn’t happen at all. From the weird cameos to the deep cut Lego jokes, this is the untold truth of 2014’s The Lego Movie. (read more)