‘The Survey of Scotch’, A Cartographical Guide to the Distilleries of Scotland

The Survey of Scotch

Pop Chart Lab has created “The Survey of Scotch“, an art print that acts as a cartographical guide to the distilleries of Scotland. Signed and numbered prints are available for purchase online.

A cartographical cataloguing of a favorite tawny tipple, this map-meets-taxonomy surveys the exalted, malted world of Scotch whisky! Featuring a map of Scotland at its center, this dram-atic diagram delineates distilleries region by region, from Highlands to Lowlands and beyond—bringing to bear a bevy of exquisite single malts and full-bodied blended whiskies. A must-have for the sophisticated Scotch sipper, this examination of Scotland’s supreme export all but demands re-peat viewings.

The Survey of Scotch

images via Pop Chart Labs

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips