‘The Pedal Powered Talk Show’, A Portland, Oregon Talk Show Recorded From a Desk Mounted to a Cargo Bike

The Pedal Powered Talk Show is a Portland, Oregon-based talk show in which host Boaz Frankel interviews guests from a desk fashioned onto the front section of a cargo bike. Co-founder of Metrofiets Cargo Bikes Phillip Ross steers Frankel to locations around Portland and beyond as they feature guests such as “unicycling bagpipers, best-selling authors, 80-year old drag queens, famous musicians and Baldwin brothers.” The show, now in its fourth season, is available to watch on YouTube.

Pedal Powered with Bagpiping Unicyclists & Goats

Bike on raft


Cheetah and bike

images via The Pedal Powered Talk Show

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Rebecca Escamilla
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