The Office Stare Machine, Videos of Characters From ‘The Office’ Staring at You Based on the Emotion You Choose

The Office Stare Machine, is a new site created by Joe Sabia and Aaron Rasmussen that generates a videos of characters from the television series The Office staring at you, based on the emotion you select. Input an emotion into the search field, click “Go” and the service generates a compilation of short character stares that match the query. The service was created as Sabia and Rasmussen combed through The Office clips to create their project The Office Time Machine, where every real-life cultural reference from every episode of The Office is viewable by year.

While spending 1.5 years finding over 1,300 cultural references for the Time Machine, Joe also scoured for every single time a character stares at the camera and says nothing. Then he worked with Aaron to figure out the most interesting way to turn those stares into an interactive experience.

As you watch, the Stare Machine keeps track of how many individual stares you’ve watched. Once you’ve made it through all 706 in the database, you’ll see “a secret, epic, and beautifully crafted surprise video.”

via Joe Sabia

Brian Heater
Brian Heater