The Longest Way 1.0, Christoph Rehage Attempts To Walk From Beijing to Berlin

In November 2007, Christoph Rehage set foot from Beijing, China with a goal of walking to Berlin, Germany, a distance of over 4,500 miles. He created a short video called “The Longest Way 1.0”, documenting his journey over the course of a year and featuring self portrait photographs he took each day on his trip that shows his hair and beard getting longer.

As Christoph states in the opening of his video, “The initial plan was to walk from Beijing to Germany. I started in the fall of 2007. After one year of mountains and blazing hot deserts I realized… I had grown a mighty long beard.”

After walking for an entire year, Christoph was only able to complete 2,900 miles of his journey, ending in Ürümqi, China. No matter, Christoph Rehage is an inspiration to people like myself, who lack the ability to embark on year long adventures. Or the ability to grow proper facial hair.

Music is L’Aventurier by The Kingpins.

Dave Schumaker
Dave Schumaker