The Lightning Foundry, A Project to Build the World’s Largest Tesla Coils

The Lightning Foundry by LOD

The Lightning Foundry by LOD

The Lightning Foundry is an ambitious project by Lightning On Demand to build two ten story tall Tesla coils that will generate super long discharge effects hundreds of feet in length, or in other words, man-made lightning. The Tesla coils would be the world’s largest, surpassing the current champion, Electrum, also by Lightning on Demand. San Francisco Bay Area-based LOD was founded in the 1990s by Greg Leyh, who has also worked with Survival Research Labs.

Leyh is raising funds for the Lightning Foundry on Kickstarter.

What is the Lightning Foundry? The Lightning Foundry is a project to re-create super-long discharge effects normally found only in lightning. Two 10-story Tesla Coil towers will fill an area the size of a football field with lightning-like discharges hundreds of feet in length. If we trigger super-long discharge effects the arcs could strike considerably further.

via Boing Boing