The Drone Racing League, A Professional Sports League Dedicated to First Person View Drone Races

The Drone Racing League is a new professional sports league dedicated to first person view (FPV) drone races. Pilots compete by flying their drones through elaborate courses while wearing special headsets that give them a real-time FPV feed from their drone.

The league has designed the DRL Racer 2 drone, capable of speeds up to 80mph and built with special radio technology that allows the drones to controlled across large courses that include tunnels and hallways. The identical drones also puts all pilots on equal ground in the league, meaning the competition is between the pilots and not their individual drones.

For anyone looking to get a taste of FPV racing, DRL has also created an FPV drone simulator that can be downloaded through their site. The simulator lets players practice their skills in a digital version of the league’s Gates of Hell course.

The 2016 season will launch on January 26, 2016 and feature six races in cities around the world and culminate in a World Championship.