Tentacles, A Squiggly Art Show Curated by Bonnie Burton at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle

The Madame by Josh Ellingson
“The Madame” by Josh Ellingson

“Tentacles!” is an upcoming group art show being overseen by guest curator and pop culture expert Bonnie Burton at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington. The art show, which is “dedicated to the love of all things slimy and squiggly,” will open on Saturday, May 4, 2013 from 7 PM to 11 PM PDT and be on display until Saturday, June 1, 2013.

From Cthulhu and Krakens to the lovable octopus, and everything in between, this art show promises to fill your obsession with all things tentacle! Once again we called upon author and pop culture extraordinaire Bonnie Burton to curate, bringing together over 40 of her favorite artists to one show.

List of featured artists:

Jessicka Addams, Paul Ainsworth, Kari-Lise Alexander, Greg Aronowitz, Mike Bell, Barry Blankenship, Craig Church, Daisy Church, Candice Ciesla, justJENN designs, Gerald de Dios, Joshua Ellingson, Michael Fleming, The Pumpkin Geek, James Gilleard, Nathan Hamill, Blain Hefner, Claire Hummel, Aaron Jasinski, Ward Jenkins, Jim Koch, Christina Lank, Nan Lawson, Adam Levermore, Cecy Meade, Eliot Mechanism, Melissa Monosmith, Tomi Monstre, Jen Oaks, Michael O’Driscoll, Damon O’Keefe, Plinio Marcos Pinto, Chet Phillips, Reid Psaltis, Mark Sarmel, Clay Sisk, Todd Spence, Meghan Stratman, Super Ugly and Bruce White

Cthulhu by Chet Phillips
Lord Cthulhu’s Ultimatum” by Chet Phillips

The Green Tentacle by Paul Ainsworth
“The Green Tentacle!” by Paul Ainsworth

It Came From Beneath The Sea by James Gilleard
It Came From Beneath The Sea!” by James Gilleard

Three Steeples by Kari-Lise Alexander
Three Steeples” by Kari-Lise Alexander

On A Clear Night by Adam Levermore
“On A Clear Night” by Adam Levermore

Tentacles Poster by Josh Ellingson
“Tentacles!” poster design by Josh Ellingson