Tail Lights, Colorful LED Light Strips for Horses’ Tails

Tail Lights are colorful LED light strips that can be attached to a horse’s tail for visibility at night or in inclement weather. The project, created by Sami Gros, is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

On a cool November evening Sami, our founder, and her friend were riding both of Sami’s horses back to the barn. Despite living in an equestrian community and using reflectors, Sami’s horse and her friend were struck by a car. It was a hit and run.

Although her friend was thankfully unharmed, her horse Afar was not. Thousands of dollars later in veterinarian expenses Sami made it her mission to design and develop the most advanced safety lighting system for horses the world has ever seen.

Horse Butts

video and image via Tail Lights

via CNET Crave Australia, CNET Crave