SXSW Interactive 2009 Photo Caption Contests

While shooting photos at SXSW Interactive 2009 I took a few of them out of context and asked people to come up with captions for the photos. Here are the winners.

Name This Band

Caption Contest: name this unsigned SXSW band

Winner: “Sensible Jackets” by Richie Nakano (Line Cook)

Honorable Mention: “Box Model and The Hacks” by Jon Armstrong

Name This Hip Hop Duo

Caption Contest: name this hot Hip Hop duo

Winner: “Run D&D” by Hey There Killer

Honorable Mention: “2 Lame Krewe” by Sister Mable Syrup

Name Their Documentary Film

Caption Contest: come up with a name for the film that these acclaimed documentary filmmakers are debuting at SXSW

Winner: “Comic Sans: The Conspiracy” by Min Jung Kim

Honorable Mention: “Lenscrafters: Through the Looking Glass(es)” by Shari Cleland

photos by Scott Beale