Stereoscopic Yo-Yo Video Made Using Two Flip Cameras

Stereoscopic Yo-Yo” is an expirement in wiggle stereoscopy by myself and the folks at Urgent Content. Inspired by animated gifs of stereoscopic images, I set up two cameras side by side and shot this yo-yo video at AT&T Park. Then the folks at UC chopped the footage together and alternated the footage from each camera using the Blink filter in Final Cut Pro. Whether or not the video gives you the full feeling of 3D, I definitely feel that this video technique really makes the subject “pop” from the rest of the footage… almost as if it were shot in front of a green screen.

So with just two Flip cameras, $10 in nuts and bolts, and a copy of Final Cut Pro we got a pretty unique effect. Wiggle stereoscopy is also easy to recreate with animated gifs in photoshop. Here’s my “3D Without Glasses” comic to demonstrate that effect.

DocPop With SFGiants Flip Cameras

photo by Kat Mulkey

Doctor Popular
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