Star St.Germain Remembers Gabrielle Bouliane

Musician, comic book artist and jewelry designer Star St.Germain writes about her friend Gabrielle Bouliane, a slam poet and videographer who died earlier this month.

She was a visionary, a friend, and a force of nature. I wish I had known her better. I did this illustration of her because most of the pictures I’ve been seeing of her in other posts of this sort didn’t really capture her the way I knew her. To me, Gabrielle will always be in bunny ears – or a cowboy hat. She is peering at me from behind a camera, or through a LiveJournal icon. She is capturing something – when everyone else is too busy watching.

Star closes with a poem of Gabrielle’s entitled “When you hear that I have died, think of this.” It is passionate and inspiring, honest and human. It challenges the reader to “graffiti [their] life on the eyes of the hungry.” Star thinks that everyone should read it, whether they knew Gabrielle or not.

I agree.