So Much for So Little, A 1949 Chuck Jones Cartoon That Promotes the Benefits of Public Healthcare

In 1949, legendary animator Chuck Jones created “So Much for So Little“, an Oscar winning government produced animated short that makes the case for public healthcare. This care consisted of doctors, nurses and sanitation personnel who would work together to ensure that infant mortality rates were lowered, ensure proper vaccinations were received and every child had what he or she needed in order to grow up healthy and start a family of their own, all for only three cents a week. The story is told through a baby named John Emerson Jones, Jr. who may have or may not have grown up to have those things.

Before the cartoon ends, however, it returns to John as a baby, reminding the audience that John needs proper healthcare to survive. The cartoon then states that if every American paid just three cents a week, sufficient healthcare could be provided for John and babies everywhere.

via Open Culture