Snuzzy, A Pet Humor Blog Where Cute & Fuzzy Collide

Our friends over at Dogster and Catster have just launched the pet humor blog Snuzzy, where they are posting entertaining photos and videos of cute and fuzzy animals, like this “Kitten Surprise” video.

In a world of animal memes, super fuzzy images and ROFL pet videos, it’s just too difficult for your average pet loving human to keep up with the hottest funnies out there. That’s where comes in. Snuzzy gallops out across the cyberwebs and fetches blue ribbon, gut-busting material and drops it on your doorstep, slobber and all, so that you can get your fix when and where you need it. It’s the purrfect site for helping you pounce out of bed in the morning, take a well-deserved mid-afternoon paws, or throw in the howl at the end of the day.