RJD2 is The Insane Warrior

“We Are The Doorways” is the first release by RJD2 under the alternate persona of The Insane Warrior. The album can best be described as a soundtrack to an 70’s sci-fi film that doesn’t exist. Full of fat basslines, Moogy filter sweeps, and funky drums, the album almost sounds like the insane result of a Wendy Carlos/Cut Chemist collaboration (Cut Carlos?). Writing on his blog, RJ describes why he created the “Insane Warrior” persona:

“I felt like i needed a break from the expectations i have of myself when making “rjd2” records. So I went off and did something that felt natural, and was really done purely for FUN. Not that making records as “rjd2″ isnt fun, but there are elements of strategy, catalog-referencing, non-repeated ideas, and so forth; i wanted to throw all of that out the window for a minute.”

We Are The Doorways fits in perfectly with RJD2’s existing catalog and is probably one of his best releases since “Deadringer”.