Quidditch World Cup VI, A Fictional Sport From ‘Harry Potter’ Turned International Competitive Phenomena

The sixth annual Quidditch World Cup took place on April 13th-14th in Kissimee, Florida. Quidditch, based on the fictional sport played atop broomsticks from the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling, was first created in 2005 at Middlebury College in Vermont. Since, the once-fictional sport has evolved into an intercollegiate and international sport governed by the International Quidditch Assoaciation (IQA), and thousands gather every year to participate in and watch the World Cup. Quidditch has its own official rule book, and players still ride broomsticks and play with a quaffle, snitch, and multiple bludgers. The University of Texas at Austin Quidditch team were the champions of the 2013 World Cup.

via The Atlantic