Prepare For The Playa, Everything You Need for Burning Man

Guest post by Aaron Muszalski

Prepare For The Playa

Prepare for the Playa, a craft and fashion faire showcasing the best in Burning Man-oriented art, accessories and attire, takes place this Sunday, August 17th at San Francisco’s Club Cocomo. According to the organizers, Prepare for the Playa is part of “a by burner series of events connecting people to unique, creative, handmade and funky Independent owned/made products and services.” Entry to the event is free.

Featured designers include the revolutionary coture of Wild Card and Jan Hilmer (both seen at the renowned Mission Street boutique, Five and Diamond), funky fur fashions from Wild on The Inside, footwear and more from the AYYA collective, the lyrical, “neo-archaic” attire of Miss Velvet Cream, and colorful wool dreadlocks and adornments from NifNaks.

American Dream wool dreadfalls by Nifer Kilakila / NifNaks

In addition to a wide selection of vendors, the event will also feature live performances and music throughout the day, and two playa fashion shows. Acclaimed stroboscopic sculpture artist Peter Hudson (SisyphishHomouroboros) will also give a presentation on his latest installation, “Tantalus.”

photo via NifNaks

Aaron Muszalski
Aaron Muszalski