Pop Culture Memory Lane, Animated True Stories About Comedians Encountering Celebrities

Pop Culture Memory Lane

Vulture and UCB Comedy have partnered to create the ongoing animated series, Pop Culture Memory Lane, where comedians tell stories about encountering celebrities. So far, the series has featured true stories by Will Hines (in ‘combat’ with Harrison Ford), Paul Scheer (talking about Robert Downey, Jr.), John Cho (getting insulted by Morrissey), Casey Wilson (nearly kidnapping a Rent star) and Jim O’Heir (talking about Mary Tyler Moore). The series is directed by Todd Bieber.

…comedian Will Hines talks about the time he engaged in a not-so-deadly projectile combat with veteran actor Harrison Ford.

…comedian Paul Scheer tells a story about meeting a very special friend of Robert Downey Jr’s, which later lands Scheer in trouble with Downey’s security team.

…actor John Cho tells us about the time he met Morrissey in a dingy bar and was a little too starstruck to handle it properly.

Thanks Todd Bieber!

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff