Pie Fight @ Powell Cable Car Turnaround in San Francisco

Pie Fight

SF0 player Herbie Hatman is organizing a formal Pie Fight which will take place at 5pm this Friday, November 2nd at tourist infested Powell Street Cable Car Turnaround in San Francisco, where Powell almost meets Market. Here’s more info:

Anyone care to participate in a pie fight?

Powell Cable Car Turnaround is a charming locale. Tourists. Local working class. Shoppers. Business people going home for the weekend. Folks coming in from BART for the evening. The unending stream of people give the sense of a busy city which San Francisco has to provide.

To appreciate this group’s sense of sensibility, formal wear is encouraged.

Punctuality shows not only proper etiquette but also keen ability to follow through with exemplary fashion. Thusly, we will be meeting at Friday ( 11.02) 5 O’clock PM Sharp.

It will surely be a spectacle. I hope to hear from you all soon.

Best Regards,
Herbie Hatman

PS: Shaving Cream is much more pleasant than whipped cream. I assure you.

UPDATE: Here are some photos of the pie fight.

Thanks to cheesebikini? for the tip!

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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