Persistent Five-Year-Old Girl Performs Incredible Trick Shots With Household Items and Foods

Riley Dashwood, an adorable and persistent six-year-old girl from Australia, is shown performing all sorts of incredible trick shots around her home with random household items and foods in footage captured by Riley’s creative director father, Rhett Dashwood. According to Rhett, Riley was only five-years-old at the time when she sunk her unbelievable shots.

We promise this is real. No special or visual effects. Trick shot kid = persistence.

Short tube: 12 (several successes)
Yellow paper ball: 64
Long tube: 1 (First go, no joke)
Tennis ball rebound: 1hour x4 days (4 hours) approx 300
Spoon in cup: 12
Milk: 36 (over 2 days)
DVD: 34
Toothbrush: 136
Toaster: 54

Toilet roll holder: 142 (close, but not achieved)

Rhett also shared a video of Riley’s makes and misses reactions, as well as footage of her talking about the importance of persistence.

Justin Page
Justin Page

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