Residents of NYC Building Gift Penthouse Rent to Cleaning Woman Who Worked There for 20 Years

A woman named Rosa, who has worked cleaning houses in a New York City apartment building for the past 20 years, fell on hard times due to the pandemic. She had lost her housing and had to move in with her sister. She had been furloughed from her job but kept showing up to work. The residents of the building had grown so fond of Rosa that they all chipped in to pay the rent for her to live in the building for the next two years.

As Rosa was shown into the newly remodeled penthouse of the building, she thought that she was being asked to clean it before a showing. After the realtors explained that the apartment had four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two terraces, they then revealed that it was hers for the next two years. Rosa was beside herself with excited disbelief.

Oh my God! I can’t believe this. This is so unreal.

via DL Hughley