Peleg Design Makes Eggs Fun with the YolkPig Egg Separator and the Arthur Egg Cup


Peleg Design has created the YolkPig, the porcine cousin of their previous product the YolkFish. And like its cousin, the YolkPig separates eggs with a simple squeeze.

This little piggy is one gifted pig. While all the other pigs play in the mud, he prefers to stay in the kitchen, sticking his nose in a bowl of eggs, sucking up the yolks and separating them from the whites! Oink!


Because Peleg isn’t only about the raw egg, they’ve designed amusing hard-boiled egg cups, none more chivalrous than the noble Arthur.

Behold the knights of the round egg! Bound to his chivalry code, Arthur will come to your service each morning as your egg in shining armor.

Arthur's Court