No Kitchen Required, An Adventurous Cooking Competition TV Series

No Kitchen Required is a cooking competition television series “that follows three chefs who are dropped off in remote locations where they must work with the locals to hunt, forage and collect ingredients for a locally-inspired meal.” The show, hosted by Dr. Shini Somara, premieres on BBC America on April 3, 3012 (10/9C).

Join New York restaurateur Michael Psilakis, first ever “Chopped” Grand Champion chef Madison Cowan and international chef Kayne Raymond as they prepare dishes from ten very different and remote locations including Dominica, New Zealand, Belize, Fiji, Chiang Dao, Thailand, Koh Lanta, Thailand, as well as Hawaii, New Mexico, Louisiana and Florida.

Each chef is free to choose the indigenous ingredients he wants to use—the challenge comes when he must acquire and prepare the ingredients in the same manner as the locals. The chefs’ meals will ultimately be judged by the community and one will be chosen as winner in each episode.