Musical Wine Glasses, Play Notes With the Tip of Your Finger

Musical Wine Glasses

These Musical Wine Glasses are Austrian-made lead-free crystal glasses that play notes by running your fingers along the rim of the glass. Each gold line on the glass corresponds to a musical note, so wherever you fill the glass to, it will play that note. They are available to purchase in a 2-pack from Uncommon Goods.

Get your next dinner party humming when you turn your sips into a symphony with these gilded glasses turned musical instruments. The etchings on the glasses are musical notations that correspond to the level of the liquid. When the user drinks to D for example, he or she may run a finger along the rim of the glass to create its lush, sonorous note. Or, for the more percussive partier, the same note will ring out with a gentle rap of his or her utensil on the side of the glass. From rounds of “Row, row, row your boat” to more ambitious orchestrations, you’re sure to strike a chord with the guests at your next soiree with this pair that covers a full 12 note octave from A flat to G.

via Foodiggity