Millimeters Matter, Tossing Tiny Pies at Insects

“Millimeters Matter” is a clever viral commercial created by Samsung to promote their new, super slim Ultra Edition II phones. The commercial features miniature catapults hurling tiny pies and sticky deserts at insects, who according to Samung were not harmed in the filming of the commercial. At least they weren’t feeding the insects to carnivorous plants.


The commercial was created in London by The Viral Factory and directed by Richard de Aragues through Mad Cow Films. Duncan’s TV Ad Land has more information on the production and post-production of the spot.

The production team shot high-speed footage of insects being hit by droplets of coloured viscous liquid. Maquettes were then created to match the shapes and positions of the ‘heroic’ insects and painted blue. Real pies were then thrown at the maquettes and shot at high speed.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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