Meta-Pizza, The Ultimate Pizza Made Using Flavored Pizza Snacks

Junk-foodie Kari Schuster of MPLS.TV in Minneapolis, Minnesota, concocted the ultimate pizza, the Meta-pizza. By building a pizza made from pizza-flavored snacks, she made a pizza-flavored pizza like no other.

It occurred to me that up until now I had been limiting myself to pizza only in its natural state. It was obvious what I had to do next — find as many pizza-flavored items as I could and turn them into a pizza.[Editor’s note: Sweet Jesus.]

Ingredients include:

Pizza Supreme Doritos, Pizzalicious Pringles, Pepperidge Farm Flavor Blasted Xplosive Pizza Goldfish crackers, Pepperoni Pizza Combos, and of course, the pizza hummus.

Manga! Abbondanza!

via BuzzFeed

photos by Kari Schuster