Messy African Civets Loudly Chew Their Way Through a Yummy Bowl of Milk and Porridge

In 2015, YouTuber Riverbank Fisher posted absolutely adorable footage of two very messy African civets who were noisily chewing their way through a yummy bowl of porridge with lots of milk on top and chasing off others who wanted in on the action. The feasting duo are the leaders of the extended pack, which include a third sibling and younger orphans who joined them in 2014.

Now two years old and at their full adult size, the civets observe strict seniority protocol when they feed, with the head honchos eating to their fill before lower ranking members of the group are allowed to join the feast.

All three of the older civets feasting with a domestic cat in 2014.

The extended family playing on the lawn in 2014.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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