MemeFactory Is Working on Creating A Free Book on Internet Culture

The bearded Internet culture experts behind MemeFactory are writing a free Creative Commons licensed book on Internet memes, and they have setup a Kickstarter project to fund their efforts.

Over the last couple years we’ve traveled far and wide performing and speaking about Internet Culture, as The Three Guys from MemeFactory but also independently. We’ve worked with Know Your Meme, we’ve talked with The New York Times and NPR; one of us is even pursuing a Ph.D in lulz at NYU (yes, really).

Along with having amassed a vault of images and video, we’ve also managed to stumble upon what we think are some very interesting ideas about user generated culture, some of which require a little more explanation than a 45 minute lecture with three projector screens. And we would love to share those ideas with you. In snazzy, jazzy, zazzy BOOK FORM.