Loki the Fox Jumps Excitedly and Demonstrates What the Fox Says

Loki the red fox jumps up and down and yips excitedly for treats at his home in the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. Loki’s trainers have been working on his “talking” cue to demonstrate what foxes really sound like since the release of Ylvis’ popular music video that asks “What Does the Fox Say?”

Loki is a very special red fox who came to Turtle Bay Exploration Park at 6 weeks old. He was found as an orphan and could not be released back into the wild. Being so young, he had to go home every night with the animal trainers. Since the “What Does the Fox Say” video came out, we decided it was an important educational message to let people know what their vocalizations really sound like. Working to put his “talking” on cue this video shows the first time we worked on it with him. He is quite the character and with 28 different vocalizations, he sure has a lot to say.

Loki the Fox