Josh ‘The Ponceman’ Perry, An Amazing Actor With Down Syndrome and an Incredible Sense of Humor

In episode 18 of his series No Small Parts, host Brandon Hardesty and his friend Kenny Johnson travelled to Louisiana to meet Josh “The Ponceman” Perry, an actor who has a mild form of Down Syndrome and his incredibly supportive family. Perry first gained popularity on the YouTube channel he shares with his brother Scott and his Mediocre Films series “Retarded Policeman” before getting roles in movies in television. The most notable feature about The Ponceman is his incredible ability to laugh at himself and the world.

Josh “The Ponceman” Perry is currently one of the most successful Down Syndrome actors in the entertainment industry. He’s appeared in high-profile projects such as Looper, Terri, Shameless, Coffee Town, Robot Chicken, and was the star of the wildly popular web series “The Retarded Policeman.” This episode marks the first time I got to spend a great deal of time interviewing an actual actor.

The Perry Brothers in action.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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